The Parish Council was approached a number of years ago about the possibility of purchasing a defibrillator for emergency use in the village.  At the time the costs (over £1,200) initially made this impossible, however since then other options were explored as the Council believed that it could possibly save somebodies life some day.

A grant fund from the Heart Foundation was found reducing the cost to (£400) if it was made accessible and a number of villagers were trained in the use of CPR.  The grant application was successful and the unit was supplied, the training undertaken and it is now installed and available for use if required in an emergency.

The community Defibrillator was normally located centrally in the village – attached to the Black Horse Public house sign post – however due severe weather the Pub signpost had fallen down.  The Defibrillator was temporarily located towards the Staindrop end of the village – just past the vicarage and opposite the farm.  As the Pub sign post was re-erected with less height  it was decided to seek another location – centrally located in the village.

It has now been relocated to the front of the Village Hall with the IDCA kindly supplying the electricity to maintain the unit if full readiness.  (see photographs opposite)

If the unit is used it is very important to advise the Parish Council immediately so that new pads can be ordered as they are one time use only.


Two people were the initial Guardians of the Defibrillator (responsible for checking its condition and preparedness on a weekly basis) – those were Councillor Ian Cartwright and Ex Councillor Anthony Tillbrook.   Mr Tillbrook ended his Guardianship role when he stepped back from his Parish Council position, however he very kindly continues to cover the cost of electricity to light and charge the Defibrillator unit in its secure container.

Alfred Mead has stepped up to assist Ian Cartwright with the Guardianship duties when required.  Alf has had previous CPR & other First Aid training for his MN work.  Alf can be contacted on 01325 732118 if the defibrillator is required

Councillor Ian Cartwright,  Mr Anth. Tillbrook and many other residents attended the CPR training evening in the Village Hall which was enlightening and useful.