Until 2020 IPC held monthly meetings throughout the year (except in August and December) and then voted for  meetings to be held bi-monthly.

Under normal circumstances, meetings are held in the Village Hall during the winter months and then in the Cricket Pavilion during the summer months.

In 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic only the January meeting was held as a group – since then all of the meetings have been held online via Zoom (a virtual meeting) with the link advertised for all council members and non-council members to join and participate.  This arrangement is set to continue until the authorities advise that it is safe to resume face to face meetings.

The October 2019 meeting was cancelled.

Zoom meeting details are:-    https://durhamuniversity.zoom.us/j/96569405009?pwd=ZEloRGhLV2xSYkNsandsS1dDTCs0Zz09


You will be required to ensure your microphone is muted until invited to speak.  You  must have a camera on and display your full name.   Anonymous connections may be refused.

The draft minutes are usually available soon after each meeting, the final signed copy is only available after the following meeting after they have been verified and approved by the council members.

A copy of the most recent Parish Council Meeting minutes can be viewed or downloaded from the list opposite.   Minutes or agendas more than two years old can be found in the archived documents section.