Ingleton and District Community Association

IDCA Objectives

Ingleton and District Community Association (IDCA) is an organisation set up to support the residents of Ingleton and the surrounding neighbourhood by providing facilities for individual or community benefit. This can be achieved through supporting local community groups/ voluntary organisations in promoting educational, recreational and leisure time activities. It works closely together with the Ingleton Parish Council.

IDCA – The Jim and Mary Wilson Community Fund

The IDCA has a designated fund known as The Jim and Mary Wilson Community Fund, as a result of Jim’s generous bequest, to ‘enhance village life’.

The Fund is able to make a contribution towards projects proposed by members of eligible local communities. These projects will be required to meet the objectives of the Community Association and the final decision on whether they will be supported will rest with the Community Association. In summary the Objectives of the Community Association are to:

a)   promote the advancement of education and provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation

b)   manage and maintain Ingleton Village Hall.

So, briefly, if you wish to propose a project for consideration you should:

  1.   be prepared to demonstrate to the Community Association that it meets one of the 2 objectives above
  2.   be able to demonstrate that it has the support of others in the community ie fulfils a community need
  3.   have prepared a plan with costs and timescale on how it will be organised, managed, delivered and controlled
  4.   be able to give some idea of ongoing commitment, for example running costs


With the exception of 1 which is mandatory, it is anticipated that the rest of the criteria will be developed to match the submitted project(s).

Please contact any member of the Committee if you want to discuss a proposal prior to a formal application.