Dog Fouling has been an ongoing problem for some time – not only in our village but in almost every other town and village throughout the country.

Most importantly, though, is the actual danger of dogs’ faeces being left in the way of people, primarily children. 

Ocular toxocariasis is caused by the ingestion of embrocated eggs of roundworms excreted in the faeces of dogs and cats.  Although rare, it most often affects young children and can cause serious ophthalmologic disease, including blindness.

Prior to 2018 home printed and laminated posters were made and posted on lamp posts and telegraph poles but had only limited effect.

In late 2018 and early 2019 the Anti Dog Fouling campaign was taken to a new level by the Parish Council with dedicated signs posted at various locations,  and the spray painting of dog fouling deposits in a bright pink colour to really highlight the problem and in an attempt to shame irresponsible dog owners.   In addition special boxes were strategically placed containing free ‘Poo Bags’ for dog owners to use.  This campaign had quite a bit of success and did reduce the problem for a period of time.

In the later part of 2020 it was reported that the dog fouling problem was increasing both on the public footpaths, the public greens and more importantly all over the playing field.  Despite messages being circulated on the Village WhatsApp message system the problem is ongoing.  Stronger measures are now required.