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Welcome to Ingleton Parish Council in County Durham



The new format has two main sections giving information about either the Ingleton Parish Council (sometimes called the IPC) or about the Ingleton and District Community Association (usually called the IDCA).  The Village magazine – referred to as the Parish Pump – can be located for reading or downloading from the Community / IDCA section.  This has all the local news, monthly events and village hall club information and includes a section from the local Vicar.
We hope that you like the new site.




Owing to the Coronavirus situation England is still in partial lock-down – with strong restrictions and penalties for anyone breaking the rules.

On 22nd February the Prime Minister initiated the four step exit strategy from the lockdown.

The first step began on the 4th March allowing schools to reopen and a maximum of two people could meet outdoors in order to chat.

This then changed from 29th March where outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households are now allowed.  Outdoor sports such as football, golf and tennis are also now allowed.

Future steps will be set according to the scientific data on the virus and may be adjusted to suit the circumstances at the time.  If all goes according to plan the following steps should be:-

Step two was from the 12th April where shops, hairdressers, gyms, outdoor hospitality, zoos and theme parks were be able to resume.

Step three will start from 17th May with the lifting of most social contact rules being lifted and allowing limited indoor mixing.

Step four will be from 21st June and should be the end of all legal limits on social contact.

Scotland and Wales will be setting out their own agendas for the future.


2021 ELECTIONS of Local Councillors


Parish and Local County elections, where people vote for whom we want to represent us, will take place this year, on 6 May.

Nomination packs for the Parish Councillors were needed to be submitted by the 8th of April.

We have since been informed by the local election committee that our own Parish Council election was uncontested – in other words there were fewer Councillors than the normal number required so there is no need for a voting process to elect them.

We have a vacancy on the Council as Councillor Mead stepped down owing to his no longer residing within the Parish district which is a pre-requisite for the post.

If you would like to represent your local community you can find out more by going to the ‘What does a Parish Councillor do?’ in the ‘Your Councillors’ page and how to apply to become a Parish Councillor.

Safety arrangements are being worked on by the Government to keep people safe and avoid the dangers of Coronavirus.

The County Council elections will still take place on 6 May, as advertised.]]