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Council DocumentsFri, 30th October 2020

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Many Parish Council documents are now posted online, and are available either as Adobe PDF or Word Documents. Please click on your required document below. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are published in accordance with Crown Copyright regulations. Click here for Council Meeting dates and Minutes and Agendas.

Click here to access the Parish Council's Statutory Documents.

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Name  Size  Type
1. Website Accessibility Statement (479.1KB) 1. Website Accessibility Statement 479.1KB Folder
Archived Finance Reports (2MB) Archived Finance Reports 2MB Folder
Archived Minutes and Agendas (0b) Archived Minutes and Agendas 0b Folder
Audit Documents (11.3MB) Audit Documents 11.3MB Folder
Budget and Precept (1.4MB) Budget and Precept 1.4MB Folder
Chairmans Annual Report (494.3KB) Chairmans Annual Report 494.3KB Folder
Conservation Area Map (245.1KB) Conservation Area Map 245.1KB Folder
Coronavirus - Useful Links (1.1MB) Coronavirus - Useful Links 1.1MB Folder
Disclosure Policy (287.6KB) Disclosure Policy 287.6KB Folder
Draft minutes from Jan 15 (0b) Draft minutes from Jan 15 0b Folder
End of Year Finance 16 17 (1.4MB) End of Year Finance 16 17 1.4MB Folder
End of Year Finance 19 20 (4.1MB) End of Year Finance 19 20 4.1MB Folder
Expenses Policy (885.6KB) Expenses Policy 885.6KB Folder
Finance Reports current year (2.4MB) Finance Reports current year 2.4MB Folder
Financial Regulations (226.3KB) Financial Regulations 226.3KB Folder
Individual Tree Assessment 2018 (790.9KB) Individual Tree Assessment 2018 790.9KB Folder
Ingleton Parish Pump (42.2MB) Ingleton Parish Pump 42.2MB Folder
Ingleton Village Fayre (3MB) Ingleton Village Fayre 3MB Folder
Pavilion Booking form (292KB) Pavilion Booking form 292KB Folder
Progress Reports (1.8MB) Progress Reports 1.8MB Folder
Register of Interests (0b) Register of Interests 0b Folder
Statements of Accounts (362.3KB) Statements of Accounts 362.3KB Folder
Village Greens (845.2KB) Village Greens 845.2KB Folder
2019 Precept Information Document.pdf (702.5KB) 2019 Precept Information Document.pdf 702.5KB Adobe Acrobat Document
ActLikeYouGotItTranscript.pdf (63KB) ActLikeYouGotItTranscript.pdf 63KB Adobe Acrobat Document
AdultHealthVlogTranscript.pdf (91.6KB) AdultHealthVlogTranscript.pdf 91.6KB Adobe Acrobat Document
AnyoneCanGetIt.pdf (62.6KB) AnyoneCanGetIt.pdf 62.6KB Adobe Acrobat Document
AnyoneCanSpreadIt.pdf (63.2KB) AnyoneCanSpreadIt.pdf 63.2KB Adobe Acrobat Document
CoronavirusTranscript.pdf (88KB) CoronavirusTranscript.pdf 88KB Adobe Acrobat Document
Standing_orders_Amended_April 2018.pdf (180.4KB) Standing_orders_Amended_April 2018.pdf 180.4KB Adobe Acrobat Document